Coopration Distributors

In the Chinese market, we have a large number of channel resources, including the three major Chinese mobile operators, and mainstream platforms such as oppo, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and taptap. Our distribution scope covers more than 90% of China's channels

What We Do


Enhance monetization not limit to UA and Ad. What's more, make our games meet local people spending preferences. using streaming and most popular Apps to hit the market!

Channels relationship

We got big advantages on this part, integrating all big and small channels, and put the right game on the right channels to gain the right players and maximize revenues!


Meet the best profitable channels to obtain effective users, covering over 95% local campaign, and our professorial UA team will analyze real-time data to raise your revenues!


We optimize in-game events to maximize the retention rate, ARPDAU, and LTV, extending games’ lifetime!


Making local language versions by advanced home language translator, improve players' experience, and easier to catch new players!


Brake the wall of policies, help our partners release games in China confidently and legally!